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What’s Done On The Weekend Can 5X Your Growth Rate

Join our community of entrepreneurs & marketers using leverage to ensure their success

“We are a community that values fast growth. We don’t have time to take the slow path to success” – Chance Hawkins

Get the tips, strategies, and resources you need to leverage your weekend(s) for success

Hi, my name is Chance Hawkins and I’m a digital marketer and entrepreneur. I built my first company while working a +40 hour work week and learned to leverage my weekends for success. I now use my weekends to run multiple websites, launch products, and start new businesses each year. Weekends may represent all the time you have to start, market, and scale your business, but it can be more than enough…

If you have a limited amount of time during the week to focus on your business, you’ll love us for helping you get more from your weekend.